We are for atlanta.

For far too long, the church has been known for what it's against. These days, it's even more important to be known for what we're FOR. 

That's why we've added online content to encourage and connect with your whole family while we are meeting online. 

Starting at 7:00 a.m.

Buckhead Church Beyond the Building 

Being engaged at Buckhead Church is more than meeting in the building—it happens anywhere. While we’re taking our decision to meet together on Sunday mornings month by month, we’ve created new ways for you and your family to experience connection this year. Here are some of the ways we are here for you this season: 

  1. Weekend services for adults are available exclusively online and on demand. Additional online family content is on demand for children.

  2. Students will meet in person on Sundays.

  3. We’re providing new ways for you to participate by serving others, championing community, and giving generously. 

  4. Finally, if you’re not currently receiving emails from us, sign up now so you don’t miss future updates.

If you have needs or prayer requests, we want to know.

Keep up with the latest Sunday content.

Connect with others like you.

We are FOR Atlanta.

We are FOR racial reconciliation.

We believe there is hope for a better world.

Image of hands with lake background

We are FOR you.

We'd love to pray with you or help you in this season.

Upcoming Events


March 7, 2021 • 10:00 a.m.
Middle school students join us for a fun morning with games, worship and a message.


March 7, 2021 • 5:00 p.m.
High school students will meet in the Auditorium.

Canopy Online Event with Annie F. Downs

March 9, 2021
You do not want to miss our next Canopy Online Event with Annie F. Downs.

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