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Buckhead Young Adults

Experience the city. Find your people. Grow your faith.

The Young Adult Experience

What is BYA?
BC - Young Adults (2022)

Upcoming Events

BYA Coffee Hour

BYA Coffee Hour

June 9, 2024 • 10:00–11:00 a.m.
A twentysomethings meet and greet!

What is Buckhead Young Adults?

BYA is the perfect place for young adults in Atlanta to experience the city, find their people, and grow their faith.

Who is a "young adult"?

Anyone in their twenties (just graduated college up to 30 years old)!

When are your events?

Our events are held monthly.

What are your events?

We host three types of events: Social, Service, and Scripture. Each event is a simple and unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

What if I'm in college?

We’d love to introduce you to our friends at The Living Room! The Living Room is our college ministry designed for university students.

What if I'm 30+?

While we'd love to include everyone, BYA is specifically designed for people in their twenties.

Connect With Us

You want to make your twenties count, and Buckhead Young Adults exists to help you do just that. BYA is the perfect place for people in their twenties to experience the city, find their people, and grow their faith.

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