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The Word Works - Memorial Day 2024

Jamie Corcoran
May 26, 2024

Many Christians refer to the Bible as the “Word.” But there’s more to the Word than the Bible itself.

What Our World Needs Now

Andy Stanley, Matt Noblitt and Joel Thomas
Apr-May 2024

What the world needs isn't necessarily more people who claim to be spiritual. It needs Jesus followers who are all headed toward one...

Easter 2024: Didn't See It Coming

Andy Stanley
Mar 31, 2024

Despite Jesus predicting it multiple times, eyewitnesses were shocked to learn God had raised Jesus from the dead. And what God did for...


Andy Stanley
Feb-Mar 2024

While the Greek word “ekklesia” is mistranslated as “church” in many Bibles, the word means “group” or “gathering.” Christianity has...

Heaven, Hell, & Everything In Between

Joel Thomas
Jan-Feb 2024

Have you ever watched someone’s life falling apart before your eyes and wondered, How did they get there? And how do I make sure I don’t...