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Games We Play

Andy Stanley, Joel Thomas and Matt Noblitt
Jul 2024

When we play games within our relationships, no one wins. But there’s one game we can play where everyone wins.

What Our World Needs Now

Andy Stanley, Matt Noblitt, Joel Thomas and April Farmer
Apr-Jun 2024

What the world needs isn't necessarily more people who claim to be spiritual. It needs Jesus followers who are all headed toward one...


Joel Thomas
Jul 2023

Great friendships are rare as adults. We go through most of life with built-in friendships, but then we’re thrown into the real world...

God’s Great Gamble

Andy Stanley
Apr 02, 2023

Forgiving someone before they ask for it isn’t easy, but it’s exactly what God did for us.

The Weight of Your Words

Andy Stanley
Feb-Mar 2023

We’ve all heard the adage that actions speak louder than words. But the words we’ve heard have shaped us and the words we speak have the...