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Here is how your family can GIVE SERVE LOVE

Pack and Bring It Back!

We want every kid in our community to know that God loves them and we do too. One simple way is to make sure every child in our community has the school supplies they need to succeed. So take your kids to fill a Give Serve Love shopping bag. It's as easy as "Pack and Bring It Back!"


Bring your Give Serve Love bag to the store and let your kids pick out items from the Most-Needed Supplies list.


Return the bag to church by Sunday, October 1.

Give Serve Love bags are available on UpStreet.

Most-Needed Supplies List:

  • Dry erase markers with eraser cap
  • Mini dry-erase erasers
  • On-ear headphones
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Glue sticks
UpStreet's Verse Cling

UpStreet's Verse Cling

Learn it, Lock it, Live it.

Learning a verse together as a family can be a powerful thing. You’re the most important person in their lives. So if you make learning God’s Word a big deal, they won’t ever forget it! 

LEARN IT: Put this cling (arrow to the cling) somewhere your family will see it every day. (Refrigerator, window, backdoor, mirror)

LOCK IT: Test your skills at stoplights! Every time the light turns red, have everyone in the 🚙 try to say the verse from memory.  Hurry before the🚦turns green! 

LIVE IT: Help your kids learn that if they want to be trusted with the big stuff, God says it starts with giving 💯 percent to the little stuff. So do your best each day!

Verse clings available on UpStreet


UpStreet's Car Tag

UpStreet's Car Tag

Make time in the car matter.

We know great conversations can happen in the car. So, hang this car tag in your car to help your kids know that God says trust is something that grows. If we want to be trusted with a lot, we need to do our best with what we got!

Car tags available on UpStreet

Jump Start logo

Jump Start

Teaching kids about a relationship with Jesus

Have you and your kids experienced Jump Start? Jump Start is a 20-minute presentation where parents and kids learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It’s designed to help parents jump start a conversation about faith.

Pick a date and join us!