Small Groups

Make yourself at home.

Experience real belonging and connection

Your college years are filled with transition. Navigating school, work, and friendships can be complicated. We want to help! You don't have to do it alone.

Small Groups: Every August we open online group registration for guys and girls groups that meet throughout the school year.

Short-Term Groups: Every January we open online group registration for guys and girls short-term groups that run through the end of the spring semester. In August, you will have an opportunity to join a long-term small group.

How do I join a group?

Sign up online! 

Can I join a group with my friends?

Absolutely! If you and any of your friends would like to join the same group, there will be a spot on the signup form for you to put their name(s) down. 

Do groups meet over the summer?

With everyone home for summer break, we take summers off. But you and your group might decide to keep meeting or have a few social gatherings instead.

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