Spiritual Formation Mentor Groups

An opportunity for younger generations of men and women to learn and grow.

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unlock your potential as a follower of Jesus

We all need to be surrounded by people who see us for who we are, while encouraging us and helping us unlock our potential as followers of Jesus.

A mentor is someone who can help you see the truth of your identity in Christ and help you grow into the person God has made you to be.

Mentoring is an opportunity for younger generations to learn and grow through the experience and wisdom of wise, Christ-centered men and women of faith.

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

–2 Timothy 2:2

Our Buckhead Church Spiritual Formation Mentor Groups will launch in fall 2024. Men and women ages 23–35 can apply to be part of a mentor group.

Spiritual Formation Mentor Groups involve a high level of commitment, including:

  • Meeting once a month (three-hour sessions) for nine months (Sept–May)
  • Completing all the assigned reading and homework exercises (average one book/month)
  • One-on-one meetings between sessions with other members of the group
  • Financial commitment of about $100 for books and other materials (financial assistance is available if needed)
  • Attending the mandatory kickoff event
What can I expect as a mentee?

Your application to be part of a mentor group will be accepted based on availability and prayerful consideration. If accepted, you will meet monthly with your mentor and mentor group. Your mentor will also be available to meet with you individually, if desired.

What is expected of me?

Attendance: Attend all mentor group meetings (one per month). Your presence is important for you, and for the other members as well! If accepted, you will meet monthly with your mentor and mentor group for nine months.

Content and Assignments: You will read and listen to a variety of curricula that challenges you to grow spiritually and allows for meaningful discussion. Each month you will have homework to read, listen to, and do. You and your mentor group will select the content based on one to three options per month. You can view the curriculum options for women and for men.

Vulnerability: Your mentor will create a safe, confidential, and Spirit-led space for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Your honest and vulnerable participation will be key for your growth.

How often will we meet?

You will meet monthly as a mentor group for nine months. You will have the opportunity to meet individually with your mentor, as desired. Please don't miss the opportunity to learn, grow, and be encouraged by an experienced Jesus follower!

When will we meet?

You have been placed in a group that meets during a meeting time that you've indicated is desirable. Your group may adjust the week/day it meets, based on everyone's schedule. Please be flexible, while still making it a priority!

Group of women, gathering for small group.

Ready to apply?

Please review the FAQs to gather an understanding of the commitment needed for Buckhead Church Men’s and Women’s Spiritual Formation Mentor Groups.

*All participants will be required to purchase and read books throughout the mentoring process.