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If we fail to listen to people who don’t experience the world the way we do, we will never bear their burden.

— Andy Stanley

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Toni's Story
racism up close with toni collier
Terrence's Story
racism up close with terrence smith
Chris's Story
racism up close with chris kim
Betsy's Story
racism up close with betsy sunny

Below is a collection of resources to read, watch, and share around the topics of racism, culture, and faith.

Like most libraries, this is a vast and diverse collection. Some resources focus on historical education. Others are prescriptive, editorial, or fictional narratives. A wide variety of voices are included. Some resources are communicated from a Christian viewpoint, while others are not. All provide opportunities to listen and learn. Each can be a catalyst for change.

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If you're still looking for more resources, please visit our list of additional racial resources.