Having Conversations About Relationships

dating and your high school student

When it comes to dating, relationships, and sex, our students are exposed to a variety of influences. Some are helpful and some are actually harmful. We want to help students develop a healthy view of themselves and learn how to set up guardrails.

We know these conversations at home can be difficult, so we sat down with some amazing parents who have been where you are. They had some great advice, so we’re passing along their wisdom to you!

Asking Great Questions
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Open and Ongoing Conversation
open and ongoing conversation video thumbnail
Honoring Their Future
honoring their future video thumbnail
Relationship Check-ins
Relationship Check Ins video thumbnail
The Coach vs. The Referee
the coach vs the referee video thumbnail
Maintaining Influence
maintaining influence video thumbnail
When They Mess Up
when they mess up video thumbnail
Parent Pro Tips
Parenting Pro Tips Video Thumbnail