A brief history of Buckhead Church

attendees walking into service

In the Beginning

A group of people in the Buckhead area wanted a relevant church where they could safely bring their friends who did not go to church—a church similar to North Point Community Church (NPCC). "I was willing to drive to Alpharetta to attend NPCC, but I knew my lost friends and neighbors that lived in Buckhead probably wouldn't," commented Keith Eigel, an original member of the Buckhead Church steering committee.

In the spring of 2001, Buckhead Church (then known as Buckhead Fellowship) began meeting every other Sunday, much like the early days of NPCC. From the beginning, Andy Stanley and the NPCC leadership team encouraged and advised Buckhead Fellowship. In August of 2001, we were asked to become the first satellite campus of North Point Ministries.

At that time, Buckhead Fellowship became Buckhead Church. We continued to meet every other Sunday night until we moved into our temporary home—a renovated grocery store on Roswell Road—on Easter Sunday of 2003. In the fall of 2004, the church launched the Dare You To Move campaign in order to raise funds to build a permanent facility at Tower Place and Lenox Road in the heart of Buckhead. We moved into our current four-story building in May of 2007.

Beyond the Numbers

Currently, Buckhead Church has over 6,500 adults participating in three Sunday worship services. More than 1,500 children and students meet in small groups while their parents attend worship. During the week, over 5,000 adults meet around the city in Community Groups for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

Andy Stanley, senior pastor of Buckhead Church, expresses this way the vision that he, the staff, and the attendees have for this church: “God hasn't blessed Buckhead Church with success. What God has blessed us with is enormous potential to reach the 300,000 unchurched people in this community.”

Leading those in the community into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what drives everything we do at Buckhead Church.