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Elementary (K–5th Grade)

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Check out UpStreet Online weekly for fun music, games, and helpful parenting resources. We want your child to know that God loves them,  they can trust him no matter what, and they should love others like Jesus loves them.

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Sunday Feature, October 25

We’ve all had someone wait for us. Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of patience. Today, we’ll look at a story Jesus told that will help us learn how to pay patience forward when we have the opportunity.

Talk About It Together: 

  1. Think of a time recently when someone was patient with you. 
  2. How can you be more patient with your family this week?

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Sunday Feature, October 18

Did you know you can spell trouble I-M-P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E? It’s true. But today we’ll talk about how having patience with others will keep us out of trouble.

Ask Your Kids: 

  1. What is one way you’ve “stirred up” trouble in the past by being impatient? 
  2. What are some ways that can help you stay calm when you’re about to lose your patience?
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Sunday Feature, October 11

We all know that having patience isn’t easy. Today we’ll talk about how being patient with someone is a great way to show them you care about them.

Ask Your Kids: 

  1. How do you think being patient with someone shows them you care about them? 
  2. Who can you be patient with this week to show them you care?
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Sunday Feature, October 4

Being in relationship with anyone requires that we all exercise a little patience now and then. This month on UpStreet, we’ll discover there is a lot more to patience than just waiting around.

Talk About It Together! 

  1. When you’re tired of waiting, what's your “go-to” move? (eye roll, foot stomp, heavy sigh, raised voice, tantrums) 
  2. This week, what is one thing you can wait for without complaining?

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