Buckhead Business Breakfast with Angela Ahrendts

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Angela Ahrendts

Please join us for a fully digital Business Breakfast experience.

Join Us for a Digital Buckhead Business Breakfast Experience – Faith at Work.

Has 2020 left you feeling less inspired and disconnected from your teammates? Angela is here to help.

Angela Ahrendts, former senior vice president of retail at Apple and CEO of Burberry, spent a large part of her career creating a culture of connectedness with more than 70,000 employees for their overall benefit and success.

While at Apple, Angela oversaw the redesign of stores, reimagining the experience and re-crafting roles for employees globally. With her leadership, Today at Apple was launched, a transformative program with the mission to encourage connection, inspire learning, and unlock creativity.

Invite your team members and co-workers to join Angela Ahrendts for the Buckhead Business Breakfast.

Monday, November 30, at 7:30 a.m.

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