A Better We

A next step for small groups

married couples meeting in a living room

Helping small groups ask, "How are we doing?"

Small groups are built on the premise that “we” is better than “me.” From time to time, it’s helpful to take a few moments and ask, “How are we doing?” as a group. We’d like for you to spend 15–20 minutes at the start of your next group to share your thoughts on how your group is doing. This is a chance to share what’s working well, and to discuss opportunities for your group to experience more together.

To guide your conversation, we’ve taken content from Part 3 of the Out of the Shallows message series by Jamey Dickens. If your group members have not listened to this message, it will be helpful for them to do so before your group conversation. 

Take a few moments in your group for each person to assess the statements below on their own using this scale.

1 = We need to step up. 2 = We could do better. 3 = We’re neither good nor bad. 4 = We’re doing well. 5 = We’re doing great.

  • _______ We’re growing closer in our relationships with God.

  • _______ We’re openly sharing areas where we are struggling and encouraging one another.

  • _______ We’re helping one another hold onto hope through tough seasons or circumstances.

  • _______ We’re looking for ways to help people outside of our group.
  1. What questions, if any, did you respond “4” or “5”?

  2. What questions, if any, did you respond, “1,” “2,” or “3”?

  3. The above Personal Assessment is intended to address areas where we can individually or as a group go deeper based on the framework found in Hebrews 10:19–25. As a group, select one of these areas to focus on, and discuss how you can live out these truths in a deeper way. You can use the Group Tips and Resources below for suggestions.

If your group desires to draw closer to God together, consider the following:

If your group desires to be more open and encourage one another, consider the following:

  • Ask the question: “How are you doing . . . really?” Don’t accept, “I’m good” as an answer.

  • Watch Brene Brown’s TED Talk titled The Power of Vulnerability and discuss together what factors contribute to or take away from potential vulnerability in your group.

  • If you are in a married group, consider separating husbands and wives for prayer time or for a separate study from time to time.

If your group desires to help one another hold onto hope, consider the following:

If your group desires to help people outside of your group, consider the following:

  • Brainstorm with your group the names of people you know that have needs that your group could help meet (a widow down the street who needs help in her yard, a family friend who needs help with childcare, etc.).

  • Plan time with your group to complete a DIY kit to help one of our church’s Intersect partners. Find projects.

  • Share the name of someone in your life who doesn’t know Jesus and begin praying as a group for that person.