Adult Group Leadership

Experience what God can do when you say yes to leading a group.

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Group leaders create a place for people to talk about life and grow their faith.

You don’t have to be perfect to lead a group. And you don’t need to be a Bible scholar to be used by God to lead others. Group leaders create a place where people can be real and grow. They get front-row seats to the faith journeys of others and find that their faith grows along the way.

Curious about group leadership? It’s easier than ever to lead because we’re providing everything you need, including weekly studies, ideas for socials, and more. We provide the plan. You provide the leadership. Take a step and see how God can use you to create a place for people to connect and grow.

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Group leaders are...

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Great leaders promote participation by sharing group responsibilities.

They are not responsible for every group task.

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Great leaders are transparent about their struggles and how God is working in their lives.

They don’t need to have a mistake-free life.

Group leaders are guides, graphic

Great leaders guide those they lead and support them as they grow.

They don’t need a theology degree to be used by God to lead others.

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Every leader has an expert to guide them and provide a plan for their group.

They won’t have to figure out by themselves how to lead or what to study.

How we'll help you lead

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Staff Guidance

You’ll be provided with an expert to personally guide you as you lead.

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New Leader Onboarding

You’ll be equipped to lead great group meetings and launch your group well.

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Online Resources

You’ll have access to helpful content including recommended group study plans.

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Development Opportunities

You’ll be provided with ongoing trainings to help you continue to grow as a leader. 

Hear about leadership from people just like you.

Women's Group Leader

Women's Groups

"I don't think anyone ever feels completely confident in their personal leadership abilities or 100% equipped to be a group leader. I certainly didn't when I started out…and I still don't. But after leading women's groups for almost five years, I've come to realize that no one wants a perfect leader. They want someone who is real and human just like them and who is meeting Jesus where they are, just like them."

Men's group leader

Men's Groups

"I started leading because I had such a great experience with my first small group. I felt compelled to help create a similar experience for others. If you’re on the fence about leading, it’s probably time to take a step to lead. The church has great support systems for leaders. Don’t get lost in thinking you’re not capable. God will handle that."


Marrieds' Groups

"We lead our group because we believe in the mission to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus. Our job as group leaders is to love people, and that requires no special skill set other than trusting God to love through us. We are messy people who want to walk alongside other messy people as we take steps daily toward Jesus."

Ready to become a leader?

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to begin leading a group. Here’s how.

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Talk with a Groups staff member.
  3. Complete an application and interview.

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