Serve at Buckhead Church

Join a Team!

A great way to get connected at Buckhead Church is by joining a service team. Your involvement makes a huge difference in the lives of those who attend our church. The links below describe many of the service opportunities where we need your help. Please look around and then click on the area that interests you.

Guest Services

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday at Buckhead Church. Imagine joining a team that works hard and has fun creating a welcoming environment for Buckhead Church guests.


Waumba Land

Six Weeks–Pre-K

Every Sunday our volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a loving environment for our preschoolers. Waumba Land is completely fueled by volunteers. We could not exist without their leadership and expertise. 



K–5th Grade

Every Sunday our volunteers show up and work together in their unique roles to create a fun environment for kids to learn who God is and how he wants them to live. UpStreet is completely fueled by volunteers. We could not open the doors of UpStreet without the incredible volunteers who offer their gifts to serve our kids.



K–5th Graders and Parents

KidStuf volunteers help host KidStuf Live!, a monthly 45-minute, fun, digital interactive experience designed for families.



Middle School

Transit volunteers help create an engaging Sunday environment for middle school students. They do everything from greeting students, to facilitating small group discussions, to using technical skills for our high-energy worship service.



High School

InsideOut volunteers work to create a fun and engaging environment for high school students. Volunteer roles include welcoming students, facilitating small group discussions, serving in the kitchen, and using technical skills for our high-energy worship service.


The Living Room


The Living Room is our College Ministry. We have volunteer opportunities in our weekly worship environment and with our College Community Groups. 



The Canopy Volunteer Community helps to provide a welcoming and organized experience at Canopy events throughout the year.


Group Connections Volunteers

Group Connections volunteers serve at our connection events twice a year to help adults navigate the process of meeting others and launching Community Groups.


Care Team

Our Care Network equips volunteers to help people grow as individuals and as couples, and also provides assistance for those in transitional seasons of life. 


Community Group Leaders

Group leaders have the privilege of creating environments for people to develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Production Team

Main Service

The Production Team at Buckhead Church is a group of highly motivated, committed, and enthusiastic servants who value excellence and one another. We strive to create a worship service environment that is comfortable and inviting.


Life Lessons Over Lunch

At Life Lessons, co-workers meet over lunch on a regular basis to view relevant, practical messages by Andy Stanley and other pastors from the NPM staff. These groups welcome participants to consider issues of finances, faith, family, relationships, and character. Take a bit of what happens here on Sunday to your office during the week.