Fostering Together

Right now, there are at-risk families in our local area. In many ways, they are just like your family. The parents want their children to be safe. They want a home that is stable and loving. However, many of them are facing such hard circumstances that their children are in the custody of the State of Georgia.

These families need time, resources, and help with their kids while they work toward making the changes needed for their children to return home. Excitingly, more than 70 percent of children who enter foster care will one day get to return to a member of their original family. It’s imperative that we do everything possible to encourage those birth families to get the help they need.

One of the ways we can meet these needs in our local community is by providing families who will foster children within their own counties. But fostering isn’t a one-family job. A foster family and the children in their care need stable, consistent relationships with a respite family and supporting mentors.

Our greatest need is for supporting mentors who:

  • Are committed to sticking with a placement to its natural end
  • Have margin and flexibility
  • Are comfortable building relationships with children of all ages

We need respite families who are:

  • Committed to the respite role
  • Open to teens
  • Open to sibling groups

We need families who can foster:

  • School-aged sibling groups of two or more
  • Teens
  • Children and students with special needs
  • Children and students who are medically fragile

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