Parent Unscripted

Parent Unscripted

All of the Parent Unscripted Short-Term Groups are full. Registration for our spring Short-Term Groups will open in February.

From the moment we bring a baby home to the time he or she leaves us for life beyond high school, we have to work hard to parent well. That’s because children don’t come with instructions.

There may not be a script for handling all the challenges parents face, but there is a guide. The Bible offers great perspective on parenting. This October, join us as we discuss topics like:

  • Family Values and Family Temperaments. Billy Phenix will discuss ways we can incorporate values into our home and Kathleen Edelman will share how understanding temperaments can shape how we parent.
  • Time. Mike Clear and Sarah Anderson will share how families can make the most of their time together.
  • Spiritual Growth. Carey Nieuwhof will discuss how our homes are the optimum environment for the spiritual growth of both us and our children.
  • Discipline. Greg and Karen Stubbs will share how discipline changes as our children grow as well as how proactive discipline can have a lasting, positive influence on our children.

If you’re a parent of a preschool or elementary age child, Parent Unscripted is for you. This four-week, large group environment will meet Wednesday evenings beginning October 26 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Theater at Buckhead Church.


All Parent Unscripted Short-Term Groups are full.

Cost: $15/person

We will be offering the following table groupings at Parent Unscripted:

  • Married Couples
  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed... a combination of couples (married and unmarried), men, and women


Childcare reimbursement is available.

Please contact us if you have questions.

If you’re a parent of a middle or high school student, visit to learn about Parent Unscripted: Teenage Edition.