Neighborhood Gatherings

Neighborhood Gatherings

Neighborhood Gatherings are designed to help Buckhead Church attendees find and get to know one another and to help other neighbors discover Buckhead Church.

Neighborhood Gatherings aren’t as much programmed events as they are occasional opportunities to meet, connect, have fun, and serve together. Attendees in a neighborhood run each Gathering for the people in their neighborhood. The Gatherings host a series of events in the spring (March/April), summer (June/July), and fall (October/November), and there will be smaller, impromptu activities. Each Gathering will have a vibe that is as unique to the area as the people that live there. Want to know more? Watch this quick video:


Buckhead Church has Neighborhood Gatherings in the following areas:

neighborhood gatherings map


Click on your nearest Neighborhood Gathering to connect and learn about upcoming events: